My path as an "Activist"

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      Ruth Gordon Mc Gill, M.D.              Bryan, Texas
In the early eighties my body started to deteriorate. Over the next decade I underwent hundred medical tests, and they cost thousands of dollars. In the summer of 1992, I was finally diagnosed with Oxidative phosphorylation (OxPhos). The disease has three suspected causes: poison, genetics and severe exhaustion.

It was my own illness that set me on my path as an "activist", helping the solders who returned from the Persian Gulf War suffering from what was finally termed "Gulf War Illness". From all that I have read about GWI, I have come to believe that all three causes of my own condition could be factors in the veterans' ailments. I have spent the last 18 years talking to doctors; going to medical conferences; testifying before congress; networking with the veterans; financing studies; and yelling from the tree tops, demanding that the government take care of these veterans and supply them with the medical care they need.

Sadly, thousands have died from the complications caused by the various conditions to which they were exposed during the war. Gulf War Illness has consumed the lives of our veterans and tortured their families despite the fact that, until just recently, its existence was totally denied by our government. was launched on July 4th 2006 to provide a gathering place for information about GWI, and to collect names and honor those DS/DS veterans who died not from a bullet on the battlefield, but from the affects of this insidious illness. History has proven that our government has failed our veteran community. The Vietnam veterans suffered from exposure to Agent Orange; DS/DS veterans continue to battle "Gulf War Illness; and now OEF/OIF veterans return to our shores with "PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder; PTBD (post traumatic brain disorder); and a higher suicide rate than we have ever previously seen.

As an activist for veterans' rights, I keep asking exactly when our government is going to accept responsibility for the care of these veterans. We, as a nation, ask our men and women to put their lives on the line, put their families on hold, and fight in far away lands, preserving our freedom. Thus, as a nation, it is our responsibility to welcome them home by providing the best medical care, counseling and support, for them and their families, enabling them to enjoy the fruits of the freedom they labored to hard to preserve.

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